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The Safety system

our system

for your field of play

Brock Products were created and engineered as ONE SYSTEM – a firm, non-resilient natural infill designed for traction and speed, tuned with a shock pad that is designed to do all the heavy lifting for impact safety. Each component is optimized to work with the other for their specific role in the system. The result: The safest and best performing synthetic turf fields possible.

  • The premier shock pad that reset the standard for artificial turf safety and performance
  • A totally consistent and stable feel underfoot
  • PowerBase/EU™ provides the ideal balance between shock absorption and field stiffness, plus rapid drainage even during the most massive storms to keep the game going
  • Made with identical properties as the USA Powerbase, which has received the coveted Cradle to Cradle certification
  • BrockFILL™ is a highly engineered wood particle infill specifically designed to improve traction and reduce artificial turf heat
  • It’s made from a species of southern pine grown, harvested, and replanted in continuous cycles
  • Through an 11-step conditioning process, we created a durable, affordable, and renewable organic infill produced in the USA
  • Cradle to Cradle certified

our focus

protect the athlete

The safety of your player is our main priority. At Brock we love sports and without healthy athletes, we don’t have good games. This is why Brock has focused all energy and mindset into developing superior products specific to the player. After all, if you Protect the Player, you Protect the Game!


our mission

protect the planet

The European Union is demanding a more sustainable approach to artificial turf sports pitches. As a first step, ECHA has classified Crumb rubber as a microplastic that is polluting the environment. So what’s the solution? Designing and building pitches that substitute for more natural materials and more extended-lasting components that are legitimately recyclable.

Brock has made that a reality by engineering a turf system that is 85% natural components by weight, reduces heat, sequesters Carbon, and is covered by the strongest warranties in the industry; all while having viable, REAL end-of-life solutions.

While the safety and performance of the athlete is our top priority, protecting the environment is a very close second.

improving the field

of play

our reach

progressing nicely

Reaching the ends of the earth is what we strive for, and thankfully, this is becoming a reality because of you! Our shipping and receiving experts are on hand to answer any questions and deliver our products when promised.
Are you on our list of locations? Contact us today to find out. 
Shipping can be a hassle, thankfully we’ve got you covered!
Handle with care is important, but made with care is even better!
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