Sustainability Matters

This affection for the environment is not merely aesthetic or recreational. It is a profound respect for the interconnected web of life that our natural ecosystems represent, a reverence for the delicate balance that allows such diverse and spectacular life to thrive. As a leader in the field of sports surface technology, we are deeply committed to advancing sustainability in every aspect of our operations. Here, you’ll discover how we integrate eco-friendly practices throughout our manufacturing processes, promote recycling, and develop products designed to reduce environmental impact across Europe.

Protect our planet

It’s impossible to ignore the destructive impacts of climate change that threaten the beauty and balance of these ecosystems.

This growing concern has fueled our desire to make a difference, particularly in the sports field industry, an area we are all passionate about. We are committed to developing innovative products that utilize organic, eco-friendly alternatives to traditional materials. By adopting these practices, we aim to minimize our ecological footprint, promote sustainability, and encourage other industries to do the same. As a team of people who appreciate the natural world, we all share a personal and professional responsibility to protect and preserve our planet for future generations.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability makes us a particularly strong fit for Europe, where ecological responsibility is deeply integrated into both public policy and consumer expectations. Innovative products like BrockFILL align with Europe’s rigorous environmental standards and its push toward reducing microplastic pollution and waste in sports infrastructures. This dedication to sustainable, non-toxic, and fully recyclable materials resonates with the European Union’s initiatives, such as the Green Deal, which aims to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent. Brock’s approach not only meets the strict EU regulations but also appeals to the growing consumer base that prioritizes green products, which contribute to a sustainable future.

How are we sustainable?

Our proactive stance on climate change adaptation is particularly relevant for Europe, a region experiencing increasing volatility in weather patterns, such as more intense rainfall and extended heatwaves. Our advanced drainage systems and heat-reducing turf solutions offer practical responses to these climate challenges, ensuring that sports facilities remain safe, functional, and comfortable despite changing environmental conditions. Integrating these innovative technologies helps European sports facilities reduce their carbon footprint, conserve water, and enhance the longevity of their infrastructure, all while supporting the continent’s objectives for sustainable development and climate resilience. This alignment with European environmental goals not only positions Brock as a leader in sustainable sports solutions but also as a vital partner in Europe’s transition towards sustainability in recreational sports and beyond.

Reducing our impact

BrockFILL sequesters or captures CO2 from the air. The carbon that’s been sequestered in BrockFILL doesn’t simply re-enter the atmosphere when it decomposes. Proper composting strategies carefully manage inputs to ensure that the carbon captured by the BrockFILL enters the soil as it decomposes, meaning the benefits of BrockFILL extend even beyond the field!

Natural is better

Biobased products are derived from plants and other renewable agricultural, marine, and forestry materials. These products provide an alternative to conventional petroleum derived products.

When we say we recycle we mean it

We’re proud to be the FIRST company in the artificial turf world to have attained a Cradle-to-Cradle (C2C) Certification on our PowerBase product lines. In addition, BrockFILL has been Cradle-to-Cradle Certified since 2021.

We practice what we preach

At a time when concern for our planet has never been higher, Brock has recently launched our C2Zero Program with the goal of becoming a net-zero carbon company as fast as possible. In 2024, Brock will shift to a lower energy use EPP, which will reduce the energy required to make our pads by over 40%, all while maintaining or improving performance.

Finally, a true replacement for crumb rubber infill.

Carbon Sequestration

Carbon sequestration plays a crucial role in our environmental strategy, leveraging the natural processes of trees that form the basis of BrockFILL. As these trees grow, they absorb atmospheric carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, incorporating carbon into their roots, leaves, branches, and trunks. The species of tree selected for BrockFILL is specifically chosen for its efficient carbon absorption properties. This process not only contributes positively to the carbon cycle but also directly enhances the sustainability of our product, making BrockFILL a leading choice for eco-conscious artificial turf installations.

Understanding the impact of BrockFILL on carbon footprint is integral to appreciating its environmental benefits. For each installation, BrockFILL significantly reduces atmospheric carbon dioxide—a critical factor in combatting climate change. The average field installation contains about 80,000 lbs of BrockFILL, which translates to approximately 40,000 lbs of sequestered carbon. This effectively prevents around 146,583 lbs of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, equivalent to removing 14 passenger vehicles from the road for a year or recycling 22.6 tons of waste. Such impressive figures not only underscore BrockFILL’s role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions but also its contribution towards a healthier planet. These environmental benefits extend beyond the lifespan of the product, as proper end-of-life management ensures that the sequestered carbon enriches the soil rather than re-entering the atmosphere, further enhancing the sustainability of BrockFILL installations across Europe.

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It’s critically important for the artificial turf industry to get away from crumb rubber because allowing microplastics to pollute our waterways is NOT OK. BrockFILL is a 100% organic infill with no coatings or additives, so if it gets into the environment, well, it came from there to begin with.